About the Indivisible Movement


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This guide is the strategic foundation for all of the activities of Indivisible New Orleans.

About Indivisible New Orleans

Indivisible NOLA is the New Orleans chapter of the national Indivisible movement. Although Trump's win of the 2016 presidential election gave rise to our dedication to resist the Republican agenda, we are not formally opposed to or affiliated with any political party.

Our values would be considered progressive in nature. Some of the issues we care about are (in no particular order):

  • racial equality
  • economic fairness
  • criminal justice reform
  • environmental protection
  • a rational and humane approach to immigration
  • common-sense gun legislation
  • equal rights for women
  • reproductive freedom
  • voting rights
  • LGBTQIA rights
  • disability rights
  • preserving democratic institutions
  • affordable access to quality healthcare
  • affordable access to quality education

Not everyone who is involved with Indivisible NOLA shares the same priorities or agrees on all issues, and that's fine. We are a grassroots group comprised of people of diverse backgrounds and concerns. But together with united energy, we know we can defend and advance foundational American values of liberty and justice for all.


Indivisible NOLA promotes civic and community engagement through non-partisan, grassroots activism that centers on inclusivity and intersectional justice. We resist efforts to erode progressive momentum and the institutional framework of our democracy by amplifying the voices of those most impacted by these threats, supporting the work of established activist organizations, and demanding accountability from elected officials.