Action of the Day: Stop Louisiana House Bill 135 "Prohibiting Sanctuary Policies"

On Wednesday, April 26th, the Louisiana House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice will vote on HB 135 (“Prohibiting Sanctuary Policies”) that punishes cities for following prudent policies that improve community safety and reduce racial bias.

Our friends at the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice, and the Congress of Day Laborers, have called on us at Indivisible to help kill this bill before it leaves committee.

We will be sending an email blast to the committee members who are undecided to help make up their mind, and possible “No” votes to show our support.

Please send to the following Louisiana House Representatives, you can include them all in one email by copying and pasting their email address into the BCC field (PLEASE NOTE IT WILL BE MORE EFFECTIVE IF WE SEND BCC);;;;;;;;;;

Sample email text (feel free to personalize):

Dear Representative,

My name is [NAME] and I am a resident of Louisiana. I am writing to express my concern regarding HB 135 that is currently up for vote with the Louisiana House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice.

HB 135 transfers the cost of immigration enforcement from the federal government to local law enforcement and cities. Local agencies are not reimbursed by the federal government for most costs related to immigration enforcement.

HB 135 takes discretion away from local law enforcement to determine what practices respond best to the needs of their local communities and require judges and law enforcement to waste time on immigration inquiries unrelated to the cases before them.

HB 135 undermines constitutional policing and reduces community safety. Fear within immigrant communities pushes families, undocumented or not, into the shadows, and makes the task of protecting everyone much more difficult for law enforcement. Several cities have already witnessed a decline in reported crimes by members of the Latino community.

HB 135 will be detrimental to the Louisiana economy. State that have enacted anti-immigration laws have seen backlash from corporations, special events and entertainers. After Arizona passed SB 1070, major conventions to be held in the state we cancelled, costing the Arizona economy lost $45m in hotel revenue, and $96m in lost commercial revenue.

I thereby request that you vote “No” when the Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice convenes to vote on HB 135 on Wednesday April 26th.

[Your name]