Call of the Day: Call for an Independent Investigation of Election Meddling

In a shocking move, the administration fired FBI Director James Comey yesterday, potentially throwing the FBI's vital investigations into Russia's interference in the election and the Trump campaign's potential involvement into turmoil.  While the firing may have been justified (there were plenty of questions about how Comey handled the Clinton email investigation during the election, to say the least), the timing is problematic and unnerving.

With the House and even the Senate investigations undermined by the Republicans who control the intelligence committees, the FBI investigation was our best hope of getting to the truth.  Now, even more Republicans who have been reluctant to do so in the past are calling for an independent commission or special prosecutor to take over.

It is impossible to understate how important it is to communicate our support for this to our elected representatives.  Please call today!


Sen. Bill Cassidy - DC Office:  202-224-5824, and Metairie Office: 504-838-0130

Sen. John Kennedy - DC Office:  202-224-4623

Rep. Steve Scalise - DC Office: 202-225-3015 and Metairie Office: 504-837-1259

Rep. Cedric Richmond - DC Office:  202-225-6636, and New Orleans Office:  504-228-3777

Bonus call:  Department of Justice comment line:  202-353-1555


"Hi, this is [NAME] from zip code [YOUR ZIP].  I'm calling about the surprise firing of FBI Director James Comey yesterday.  Many are now calling for an independent commission or special prosecutor to be assigned to take over the investigation into Russion election interference and the Trump campaign's possible ties to it, including many Republicans.  Since Comey was ostensibly fired to restore faith in the FBI, I hope the [Senator/Congressman/Attorney General's office] will recognize that an independent investigation goes hand-in-hand with that goal.  I am calling IN SUPPORT of such an investigation.  Thank you!'

This Call of the Day comes from the Indivisible NOLA foreign relations committee.