Second Call of the Day: Fight the White Supremacists in New Orleans

As the Confederate monuments in New Orleans are on track to be taken down, white supremacists have arrived from elsewhere to threaten and intimidate the citizens of New Orleans.


  • Call the NOPD:  (504) 821-2222, and
  • Call the Mayor's Office: (504) 658-4900

A. Demand they enforce the law prohibiting these people from carrying firearms within 1000 feet of a school zone, of which those carrying guns near the Beauregard and Davis statue are in violation. (Morris Jeff and Cabrini High)

B. Inform them that you are in support of the Second Line on Sunday, that it is organized, and you demand that they respect the citizens of New Orleans 1st Amendment rights to assemble peacefully.  

C. That you hold them responsible that these gun toting out-of-towners have been allowed to come to our city and threaten our taxpaying citizens.