Call Of The Day: Demand Congress Protect Dreamers And Landry Drop DACA Suit

Tuesday morning, the Trump administration gave notice that it planned to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on a six month delay, despite repeated promises not to end the program.  DACA is an Obama-era program that protects immigrant children who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their families, from deportation.

This is after ten state attorneys general (including our own Jeff Landry) wrote to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in June urging the administration rescind DACA.  Roughly 800,000 young people (known as "DREAMers") would suddenly be at risk of deportation to countries they have never known, tearing apart families and devastating their lives.

 Many immigrants came to our area to help us rebuild our homes in the months and years after Hurricane Katrina.  They brought their children and their families with them.  They built lives here.  We have a profound moral responsibility to help them now.

In July, Senators Lindsay Graham (R - SC) and Dick Durbin (D - IL) reintroduced the DREAM Act, which would grant legal status to, and a path to citizenship for, DREAMers.

The DREAM Act can save thousands of families in Louisiana from being torn apart.  But only if Congress actually passes the legislation.  We must keep the pressure up on our Senators and Representatives – and we must also call AG Jeff Landry and demand that he remove Louisiana from the suit challenging DACA.


Senators Kennedy and Senator Cassidy; Representative Scalise OR Representative Richmond; and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

Senator Bill Cassidy - DC OFFICE: (202) 224-5824 and METAIRIE OFFICE: (504) 838-0130 (NOTE: If you can't get through to Metairie, try one of the other offices, such as Monroe: (318) 324-2111, Lake Charles: (337) 493-5398, or Alexandria: Phone: (318) 448-7176)

Senator John Kennedy - DC OFFICE: (202) 224-4623 and NEW ORLEANS OFFICE (504) 581-6190

Because of how Congressional districts are drawn, New Orleans residents have either Richmond or Scalise as their representative.  If you don't know who your representative is, you can look it up by entering your home address on the U.S. House of Representatives website.

Representative Scalise: 202-225-3015; Representative Richmond: 202-225-6636

LA AG Jeff Landry: (225) 326-6000

Reminders: Identify where you're calling from (town and zip code is fine) so they know you're an actual constituent.  Be concise - the office will get through more calls that way.  Be polite and don't argue with the staffer - they don't set policy.  If you get a voicemail, then leave a message.  And if you get a busy signal -- call back later!

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is [Your Name] from New Orleans, zip code 70118 [or wherever you're from].


I'm calling today because I want the Congressman to support [SENATE: the DREAM Act]/[HOUSE: The American Hope Act, or HR 3591] and to protect the thousands of DREAMers who live and work in Louisiana.  DREAMers are vital members of our community where they helped us rebuild in the months and years after Katrina.  They are school children, business owners, and veterans.  They deserve a path to citizenship, not deportation.  So I urge the Congressman to support this bipartisan effort and swiftly pass the legislation.  Only you can put an end to the fear that these young immigrants are living in.


I'm calling to express my outrage that Attorney General Jeff Landry is pursuing a legal threat against the DACA program.  DREAMers in school, in the workforce, and who are veterans contribute greatly to our community.  They should be given a path to citizenship, not deported.  I urge the Attorney General to remove Louisiana from this legal challenge.

Thank you for your time and your hard work answering the phones.  Stay safe out there.

This call is courtesy of Metairie Indivisible.