Call Of The Day: Say "NO" To The ABO ordinance and Strip Club Cap

These will likely look familiar to you, ... that's because our lame duck City Council postponed their previous vote until this week, but we still have to let them know how we feel.  Say NO to:

A. Adding 1,500 cameras at bars, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies across the city, feeding to a central command with unfettered access by federal agencies.
B. Capping the number of strip clubs on Bourbon St., after NOPD has been mobilized to lock workers out of their livelihoods through "trafficking" raids that have found no actual crimes.


Get on the phone, send an email (or 8), come to Council on Thursday and car pool if you can. Stand with MaCCNO, Congreso, LA ACLU, the Independent Police Monitor,  and BARE.

Jason Williams, Councilmember-At-Large (Utility Committee Chair)Phone: (504) 658-1070; Email:

Stacy Head, Councilmember-At-Large (Introduced ABO/Surveillance Ordinance) Phone: (504) 658-1060; Email:

Susan G. Guidry, District "A" 
Phone: (504) 658-1010; Email:

LaToya Cantrell, District "B" (Mayor-Elect)
Phone: (504) 658-1020; Email:

Nadine M. Ramsey, District "C"
Phone: (504) 658-1030; Email:

James Gray, District ā€œEā€ 
Phone: (504) 658-1050; Email:

Jared C. Brossett, District "D" 
Phone: (504) 658-1040; Email:


With the ABO Camera Ordinance and the potential limits on Adult Entertainment venues both scheduled for a vote this Thursday, we worked with BARE NOLA to create a joint script so you can call/e-mail the Council to express your opposition to both ordinances at once. Here's the script:

Dear Councilmember,

I'm calling/writing in solidarity with the The Bourbon Alliance and the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans.  My [name/organization/job/role] is [your name/organization/job/role], and I am an active voter.

I am writing to express my concern regarding the Adult Live Performance Venues Study and the recent motion (M-17-552) to thin and cap the number of strip clubs in the Vieux Carre and Ordinance 32,107 which would force all businesses that sell alcohol to install surveillance cameras monitored by the NOPD, Homeland Security, and the FBI, and expand the complaint system in ways that puts small, cultural businesses at risk.

Surveillance networks like this are very distressing to me (especially in our current political climate) as they have not been shown to effectively stop violent crimes.  They do, however, threaten people's ability to work, and criminalize nonviolent activity.  Both the raids and strip club closures do little to address concerns about violence and trafficking, but do push nightlife workers into more vulnerable situations, such as workplace and domestic abuse: harms that fall most heavily on women and communities of color.

Our city has the highest incarceration rate in the world, a climate of consistent violent crime, and massive wage disparity.  Destroying workplaces (as in January's strip club raids) and installing a threatening surveillance system, harms already-vulnerable businesses, workers, and communities of immigrants, activists, and people of color.  These measures actually entrench the very problems they had intended to solve.

Please vote NO on both motion M-17-552 and Ordinance no. 32,107.

Thank you.