Call Of The Day: Swing The House And Senate In Texas

It may be true that all politics are local, but with our nation's politics as high-stakes as they've been in our lifetimes, we simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.  Let's do what we can for our progressive-minded neighbors to the west by making calls, sending support, and even taking a few trips to the heart of the action to make a difference.

Through the primaries this spring, the coming summer months, and the home-stretch this fall, 2018 will be a pivotal year for control of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Make a difference today by making calls for Democratic candidates running in competitive races across Texas.

This week we're calling on behalf of Congressman Beto O'Rourke for US Senate, running against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

  • Make calls from anywhere with a phone and an internet connection by signing up at
  • Create a Slack account and follow the guide to notify supporters of volunteer events all across Texas
  • Staffers from 'Beto for Texas' can provide a training over the telephone -- email Rob Henig Bell ( to arrange a training

Out of all the swing states, Texas represents a bigger opportunity.  A shift of power there can shift the balance of power in the entire country.  It’s the heart of the modern GOP, and it is vulnerable if its people come out and voice their hope for a better future.

Sign up today, schedule a shift, and start making a difference.  Just 5 calls a day makes a huge difference.

** If you're interested in traveling with Indivisible NOLA to the Houston area to canvass for swing races -- add your name and contact info here.  Trips are being planned for mid-May (primary runoff election), mid-late summer, and fall.)