Call Of The Day: #FixTheCliff

We need to get a revenue bill passed through the House, and sent to the Senate.  It will be up to the Senate to amend the bills to #FixTheCliff.  Partial tax renewal bills filed by House Republicans do not #FixTheCliff, so we want to keep our focus on a half penny sales tax renewal.  Today we want to contact House members who have been determined as potential votes for the half penny.

Here is the list of those State Representatives we need to CALL, EMAIL, AND TWEET.

Sample tweets are below, though the best tweets are ones you craft yourself using the hashtags #lalege and #FixTheCliff.  Insert the Twitter handle of a Rep from the above chart. 

  • #lalege can #FixTheCliff by renewing half of the expiring penny sales tax.  Please vote for the half-penny, ________*________, and fund Louisiana's key priorities: TOPS, SNAPS, Juvenile Justice, Veteran's Cemeteries, Public Safety.
  • There's no need to pit TOPS against public safety & food assistance.  Renew 1/2 of the expiring sales tax to fund all the items that 66 House members & 38 Senators identified as a priority.  Please vote for the half-penny, _____*_____. #lalege #FixTheCliff
  • Louisianans are frustrated by the partisan political games of #lalege.  We are ready for you to compromise and #FixTheCliff. _____*______, please vote to fund our priorities by voting for the half penny sales tax renewal.
  • Louisiana voters want our legislators to work for us, not special interest groups.  It's past time to #FixTheCliff and make sure our key programs and agencies are funded. ______*_____, please support the 1/2 penny sales tax renewal and end the political games! #lalege
  • #lalege #YouPromised to use the temporary penny sales tax as a bridge to TAX REFORM.  Failure to pass tax reform caused the fiscal cliff.  Now the only way to #FixTheCliff is by renewing half of the expiring sales tax. Louisianans still get a tax cut while funding our priorities!