Call Of The Day: Support Gordon Plaza

We have a neighborhood of 54 Black households that were sold homes built on a former waste dump.  The soil has been deemed a Superfund site by the federal government because the toxicities are too dangerous for human life to live on it.  Nearly all of the residents have either been diagnosed with cancer or some other form of illness that is traceable back to the high levels of toxicity experienced in the soil of Gordon Plaza.  Please join in, to rally, march, and share information on behalf of our brothers and sisters to DEMAND a fair and just relocation!

1)  Call the mayor’s office at (504) 658-4900 AND (504) 658-4945 to express the importance of:

a)    Support for the residents of Gordon Plaza in having a fair and just relocation of their households.

b)    The relocation needs to be FULLY funded by the city of New Orleans, since they allowed this tragedy!

c)    This needs to happen QUICKLY because the health of the residents is impacted daily.  Many of whom have been diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses that can be traced back to living on this toxic soil, breathing in the high levels of toxicity on the Superfund site.

d)    REMIND the mayor that when she was running for office, she PLEDGED to use the city’s resources to ensure the residents of New Orleans would live in a safe and healthy environment.  Now, is the time!

2)  Email: and share the importance of the information shared above.

3)  Attend the Gordon Plaza Relocation Demand Press Conference.  Thursday, August 23 at 9:00 am.  Location: Front Steps of New Orleans City Hall

4.     Attend the Gordon Plaza Relocation Demand RALLY.  Saturday, August 25 at 5:00pm.  Meeting Location:  Front Steps of New Orleans City Hall.  Following the rally, some canvassing efforts will take place around the corner, near Champion Square, following the rally, to gather support!


6.     Follow the New Orleans Peoples Assembly Phase 2 Facebook Page to get more information about the campaign and learn how to get further involved, for relocation of the Gordon Plaza residents, and share the information broadly!