Call Of The Day: End The Government Shutdown With No Strings Attached

A Democratic plan to reopen the government without money for President Trump’s border wall failed in the Senate yesterday, sending lawmakers back to the drawing board to forge a compromise that could end the stalemate and bring about a quick resolution to a partial shutdown now nearing its sixth week.

House Democrats are discussing a proposal to spend as much as $5.2 billion on what they are calling a “smart wall” with drones, sensors, some additional fencing, but no wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. The Democratic plan would reopen the government two weeks and provide disaster aid, allowing time for a compromise on border security spending.

Three calls to make:  Senators Kennedy and Cassidy, and Representative Richmond or Scalise

Senator Bill Cassidy:  DC Office: 202-224-5824; Metairie office:  504-838-0130; Monroe:  318-324-2111; Lake Charles:  337-493-5398; Alexandria:  318-448-7176 Senator John Kennedy:  DC office: 202-224-4623; New Orleans:  504-581-6190; Lafayette:  (337) 269-5980; Monroe:  (318) 361-1489; Alexandria:  (318) 445-2892; Baton Rouge:  (225) 926-8033; Shreveport:  (318) 670-5192

Because of how Congressional districts are drawn, New Orleans residents have either Richmond or Scalise as their representative.  If you don't know who your representative is, you can look it up by entering your home address on the U.S. House of Representatives website.

Representative Cedric Richmond - in DC at (202) 225-6636, and in New Orleans at (504) 288-3777 or Representative Steve Scalise - in DC at (202) 225-3015, and in Metairie at (504) 837-1259


Hi, my name is [Your Name] and I'm an active voter from New Orleans, ZIP Code 70118 [Or wherever you’re from].

I’m calling to urge the [senator / representative] vote to reopen the government before negotiating funding for border security.

Thank you for your time and attention.

This call is adapted from The New York Times, which can be viewed here.