Call Of The Day: Tell The New Orleans City Council How You Feel About Short Term Rentals

Next Thursday, May 16th, the New Orleans City Council will have a special meeting, taking up the City Planning Commission (CPC) recommendations for short term rentals, which are:

1. Mandatory Homestead Exemption for Short Term Rentals in Residential Neighborhoods. This means that STRs in most neighborhoods must have an owner-occupant present. The owner-occupant can either rent out rooms in their home, or the other half of their double. Triplexes and fourplexes may be subject to block face limitations.

2. Capping the number of commercial Short Term Rentals in apartment buildings. Commercial STRs do not have to have an owner occupant present. The Planning Commission said that only 25% of a building should be used as STRs, with additional STRs allowed if they are tied to the creation of affordable housing.

3. Increasing nightly fees to support affordable housing development. City Planning recommended that owner-occupied STRs have an $8 per night fee assessed for affordable housing, and a $10 per night fee for commercial STRs.  

Unfortunately, that last point has been threatened by House Bill 43, which would redirect the Short Term Rental fee increase to be shared between infrastructure funding and (shockingly in the midst of a tourism driven housing crisis) to New Orleans & Co. for tourism marketing!    

With the Mayor’s deal for infrastructure funding pinned down by negotiations with our tourist industry’s unelected, unaccountable “leadership” it’s more critical than ever than we limit the impact of short term rentals on our neighborhoods.  Making sure New Orleans doesn’t drown is incredibly important, but if all we’re doing is preserving a city-wide open air hotel, then we’re still losing our home.  

Please call your council member and the At-Large council members and tell them to support the City Planning Commissions recommendations! 

Council Member at Large: Helena Moreno: 504-658-1060.
Council Member at Large: Jason Williams: 504-658-1070.
Councilman - District A: Joe Giarrusso: 504-658-1010.
Councilman - District B: Jay Banks: 504-658-1020.
Councilwoman - District C: Kristin Palmer: 504.658-1030.
Councilman - District D: Jared Brossett: 504-658-1040.
Councilwoman - District E: Cyndi Nguyen: 504-658-1050.