Call Of The Day: Firearm Legislaion Update -- Oppose Two Gun Law Bills

These bills will be heard TODAY! 

HB281 — Will prevent local officials from keeping guns out of certain businesses and public buildings -- including businesses that serve alcohol and buildings where children play.  We shouldn't be taking away the flexibility of local police and officials to make decisions about public safety.

HB235 — Would expand Stand Your Ground in places of worship. Places of worship are already covered under our state's Stand Your Ground Law and people can defend themselves if they feel threatened. This bill allows you to shoot someone even if a person doesn't fear injury at all.  The bill also gives little guidance on how one determines if someone is in a house of worship unlawfully. How would one determine this, in places that are not only open to the public, but invite people from all walks of life?

We need EVERYONE possible to send emails to these four Senators that sit on the Senate Judiciary B committee ahead of Friday's hearing:

  • Senator Gregory W. Tarver, Sr. -

  • Senator Gary Smith -

  • Senator Eric Lafleur -

  • Senator Ronnie Johns -

Please let them know you oppose and want them to oppose HB 281 (Preemption/Guns in Public) AND HB 235 (Stand Your Ground in Churches).