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TEAMS Do the Work of Organizing the Resistance

Facebook Team: Monitors integrity of membership, approves posts, posts daily call to action on Facebook group page, engages with members in comment threads, and communicates relevant info to the Support Team

Legislation Team: Tracks, analyzes, and distributes upcoming legislation, votes, etc.

Collaboration Team: Reaches out to other groups with similar missions, and exchanges ideas, resources and information, and stays in touch with the leaders of those groups to maximize effectiveness and impact

Twitter Team: Coordinates daily Twitter activity, including posting, interacting with followers, and communicating relevant info to the Support Team

MoC Tracking Team: Keeps tabs on our MOCs schedule, events, upcoming votes, etc.

Op-Ed Team: Responds to media coverage (in support or disagreement) with narratives that factually represent our interests and experiences

Organizing Team: Plans monthly social gatherings for members, organizes details for action events, seeks space for meetings, etc.

Media Team: Coordinates outreach to media, maintains media contact list, and preps representative group members for speaking to media based on their personal experience with current topic

COMMITTEES Track Policy and News and Guide the Action of Indivisible NOLA Around Specific Issues

Healthcare Committee: Tracks the status of healthcare law, including any effort to repeal or replace the ACA

Local Engagement Committee: Tracks state and city level legislation, including all education issues, and works to provide opportunities for activist engagement and advocacy for all issues affecting citizens at the local level

Voter Access Committee: Promotes/protects voter access to the ballot, and supports efforts to undo gerrymandering

LGBTQIA Committee: Tracks legislation and action opportunities to promote equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity

Environmental Protection Committee: Tracks environmental legislation, with a focus on the Gulf Coast

Disability Rights Committee: Tracks legislation and action opportunities that impact the rights of persons with disabilities

Veterans Committee: Tracks legislation and action opportunities to promote Veterans’ rights and improved care for Veterans

Immigration Committee: Tracks all legislation and action opportunities regarding immigration, immigrants’ rights, and ICE, with a particular focus on resisting “the wall” and mass deportation

Religious Equality Committee: Advances religious equality while tracking developments in legislation affecting religious freedoms, with particular attention to resisting a Muslim Ban, and support for vulnerable religious communities

Gender Justice Committee: Tracks all legislation and action opportunities regarding gender equality, including reproductive rights

Reclaim America Committee: Tracks issues related to Trump's Russia connections, tax returns, conflicts of interest and other administration controversies to keep group informed about items requiring contact to MoCs

Criminal Justice System Committee: Works on criminal justice reform, promoting the elimination of private prisons, and advocating for the fair treatment of those involved in the criminal justice system

DNC/RNC/IND Outreach Committee: Works to engage the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and Independents at the local level

Youth Engagement Committee: Works to engage youth in the activities supported by Indivisible NOLA

Racial Justice Committee: Advances racial justice and equality, with special focus on supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and taking action when injustice occurs


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