Calling your members of Congress (MoCs) is a fundamental aspect of the Indivisible movement. It's important that you let your representatives know your opinions frequently. Telling your MoCs about your ongoing concerns is how you personally can influence the politics of our country.

The vast majority of people in Congress believe in their ideals and care deeply about representing their constituents and having a positive impact. But [...] constant reelection pressure means that MoCs are enormously sensitive to their image in the district or state, and they will work very hard to avoid signs of public dissent or disapproval.
— The Indivisible Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I call? Can't I just send an email?

The more effort put into your contacting to your MoCs, the louder your voice. Digital communications like emails and online petitions are easy to dismiss, but phones ringing off the hook grab attention; showing up in person is even better.

What issues should my call be about?

We aim to have a daily action posted on the Indivisible New Orleans website and our social media channels. If the call doesn't resonate with you, talk about your own issue. For more ideas, look up other grassroots groups promoting this daily calling strategy such as 2 Hours A Week and 5 Calls.

What should I say on a call?

The call will likely be answered by a staffer or intern. Tell them your name and zip code to show you are a constituent and what your concerns are. We recommend talking about just one issue per call.

Sometimes, an organization recommending calls-to-action will include sample scripts to say. You can use a script, but don't feel confined by it. Talk about why the issue is important to you. Telling personal stories is good, or a simple sentence urging your Congressperson to vote 'Yes' on issue x (or whatever) is sufficient too.

What if I get a voicemail recording?

Leave a voicemail, and consider your action for the day complete.

Should I call members in other Congressional districts?

No, only call your own representatives. Calling other MoCs that aren't yours can be counterproductive. They don't care what you think if you're not their constituent, and they can point to outside calls to discredit calls from their own constituents.

What if my MoC is an ultra-conservative serving a safe red district? My call about a progressive cause won't change their mind.

All MoCs care about their images and will waver under political pressure. "Even the safest MoC will be deeply alarmed by signs of
organized opposition, because these actions create the impression that they’re not connected to their district and not listening to their constituents," says The Indivisible Guide.

What if my MoC has progressive values and already agrees with my positions? Why should I bother calling?

Let them know you support them, and thank them for doing the right thing. Such positive reinforcement tells them what's important to their constituents and stiffens their political spines.