Resistance Radio - Juvenile Justice and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

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This week on #ResistanceRadio, the guys are both out of town. MarkAlain is off on a European adventure and Kenny is catching some sun in Tulum, Mexico. Before we left, we pre-recorded this episode with Aaron Clark-Rizzo from the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights. Aaron joined us for the hour to talk about the current state of juvenile justice in New Orleans, the policing alternatives for youth ordinance passed by our City Council and the effects it could have on the school-to-prison pipeline. Next week, we’ll be back live in the studio to interview Justin Dewitt D-Baton Rouge, who is challenging Republican incumbent Garret Graves for his LA-6 congressional seat.

Originally broadcast 9/3/2018.

Resistance Radio - Gordon Plaza Part II: But Here We Are Still Fighting

In a follow up to the episode we did a few weeks ago, Kenny and MarkAlain head out to Gordon Plaza to see the neighborhood for themselves. We were honored to be invited into the homes of Ms. Shannon Rainey and Mr. Samuel Egana, long-time Gordon residents who have been leading the fight for relocation off of land that has been killing residents for decades now. Ms. Rainey and Mr. Egana take us on a tour of the neighborhood and tell us their stories of how they ended up in Gordon Plaza, broken promises and being ignored by all of those with the power to help them. Tune in for this incredibly important story about an unbelievable injustice and tragedy happening in our own backyard in New Orleans.

Originally aired 8/27/2018.

Resistance Radio - LA-1 Candidate Dr. Tammy Savoie

In this episode, Kenny and MarkAlain are joined by Dr. Tammy Savoie, Air Force veteran, clinical psychologist and one of the candidates challenging Rep. Steve Scalise for his seat in this fall's midterm election. Dr. Savoie chats with us about her views on healthcare, gun control, reproductive rights, tariffs and several other key issues.

We also premiere a new segment we're calling "thoughts and prayers," where each week we'll highlight one lucky contestant who exemplifies the idiocy of white supremacist beliefs. As always we also have your weekly activism updates, all this week on #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 8/20/2018.

Resistance Radio - Gordon Plaza

Ever heard of Gordon Plaza? No? Well, consider it Louisiana’s Flint, Michigan. What the residents of Flint have endured is a textbook example of what is called “environmental racism.” In Gordon Plaza, a community in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans, that same injustice has persisted for almost 40 years. In the early 1980s, a home-ownership program sponsored by the City of New Orleans sold homes that, unbeknownst to residents, were built on a former waste dump. As residents began developing chronic and terminal illnesses, the site’s origins and dangers were uncovered. This week on #ResistanceRadio Kenny and Mark Alain are joined by residents from Gordon Plaza to tell the story of their decades-long fight against city, state and federal officials for justice.

Originally aired 8/13/2018.

Resistance Radio - Anything But Justice

Louisiana is one of only two states in the U.S. (Oregon being the other) in which a person can be convicted of a felony crime and sentenced up to life in prison with less than a unanimous verdict of 12 jurors. This has led to legal practices that consistently result in Louisiana imprisoning black folks at a rate faster than any other state and maintaining its dismal standing as the incarceration capital of the world.

This week, Louisiana State Senator JP Morrell is in the studio to do a deep dive with Kenny and MarkAlain on the unanimous-juries bill passed by the state legislature and the corresponding constitutional amendment to be voted on by Louisianians this fall. Senator Morrell takes us through the history of split jury decisions, its origins in Louisiana's explicitly white supremacist 1898 state constitution, and how split jury decisions have played significant role in the proliferation of mass incarceration in Louisiana. Tune in this week to #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 8/6/2018.

Resistance Radio - Somebody's Watching Me

This week, Councilwoman Kristin Palmer stops by to talk short-term rentals and affordable housing. We also have Lauren James from the #StopWatchingNola campaign join Kenny and MarkAlain for a discussion about the city's ever increasing crime cameras and the dangers of unfettered surveillance. All that and more on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio! And tune in next week when Louisiana State Senator J.P. Morrell joins us for a deep dive discussion on unanimous juries and why it is so important for all of us to VOTE this fall.

Originally aired 7/30/2018

Resistance Radio - See the Trees Through the Forest

This week on #ResistanceRadio, we continue our conversation about short-term rentals, the upcoming special election for Louisiana Secretary of State, and the simmering scandals at the Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans. In the age of Trump absurdity reigns, so Kenny and MarkAlain also discuss why it's important to resist the daily distractions and misdirection that ooze from this administration.

Originally aired 7/16/2018.

Resistance Radio - Because Capitalism

This week MarkAlain and Kenny have a discussion about predatory capitalism and how it effects housing, financial policy and our society in general. We had planned on featuring one of the first live interviews with newly inaugurated New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the mayor was unable to join us. We look forward to rescheduling and having Mayor Cantrell on soon. As always we also have your welcome activism updates this week on #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 7/9/2018.

Resistance Radio - Groundhog Day

This week on #ResistanceRadio, Kenny is calling in from NY, and he and MarkAlain discuss the #AbolishICE protests from this past weekend, Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement, and Louisiana legislators agreeing to yet another temporary tax deal. Make sure you tune in next week when New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell will be joining us!

Originally aired 7/2/2018.

Resistance Radio - #AbolishICE

This week on #ResistanceRadio, Chloe Sigal from Congreso de Journaleros and Gavrielle Gemma from The New Orleans People’s Assembly stop by to join in on our continuing conversation about the humanitarian crisis at our border, the executive order signed by Darth Cheeto and this Saturday’s upcoming protest in Congo Square. Tilman Hardy from Step Up Louisiana also stops by to talk about the Poor People’s Campaign and their recently concluded 40 days of action in the state capitol. Next week, we’ll be doing a deep dive on the budget deal recently agreed to in the legislature that staves off the impending fiscal cliff.