Resistance Radio - See the Trees Through the Forest

This week on #ResistanceRadio, we continue our conversation about short-term rentals, the upcoming special election for Louisiana Secretary of State, and the simmering scandals at the Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans. In the age of Trump absurdity reigns, so Kenny and MarkAlain also discuss why it's important to resist the daily distractions and misdirection that ooze from this administration.

Originally aired 7/16/2018.

Resistance Radio - Because Capitalism

This week MarkAlain and Kenny have a discussion about predatory capitalism and how it effects housing, financial policy and our society in general. We had planned on featuring one of the first live interviews with newly inaugurated New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the mayor was unable to join us. We look forward to rescheduling and having Mayor Cantrell on soon. As always we also have your welcome activism updates this week on #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 7/9/2018.

Resistance Radio - Groundhog Day

This week on #ResistanceRadio, Kenny is calling in from NY, and he and MarkAlain discuss the #AbolishICE protests from this past weekend, Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement, and Louisiana legislators agreeing to yet another temporary tax deal. Make sure you tune in next week when New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell will be joining us!

Originally aired 7/2/2018.

Resistance Radio - #AbolishICE

This week on #ResistanceRadio, Chloe Sigal from Congreso de Journaleros and Gavrielle Gemma from The New Orleans People’s Assembly stop by to join in on our continuing conversation about the humanitarian crisis at our border, the executive order signed by Darth Cheeto and this Saturday’s upcoming protest in Congo Square. Tilman Hardy from Step Up Louisiana also stops by to talk about the Poor People’s Campaign and their recently concluded 40 days of action in the state capitol. Next week, we’ll be doing a deep dive on the budget deal recently agreed to in the legislature that staves off the impending fiscal cliff.

Resistance Radio - Unconscionable

This week Kenny is calling in from a conference in Austin, and he and MarkAlain discuss the Trump administration's deplorable zero tolerance policy on border crossings. Families are being separated, children are being lost, and of course someone is making money off all this pain and suffering. On this episode of #ResistanceRadio we do a deep dive on the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our border that can only be described one way: unconscionable.

Originally aired 6/18/2018.

Resistance Radio - LA District 93 Representative Royce Duplessis

On this week's episode Kenny is on vacation in Cuba, so MarkAlain is riding solo and spends the hour with LA District 93 Representative, Royce Duplessis. Rep. Duplessis recalls his first days in Baton Rouge as a newly minted member of the state legislature, talks about what it was like starting his tenure in the middle of a heated legislative session, the bills he supported and an explanation of Louisiana's seemingly interminable budget crisis. Tune in next week to 102.3FM and WBOK 1230AM's #ResistanceRadio New Orleans. Kenny will be back and the guys are spending the hour talking all things Cuba.

Originally aired 6/11/2018

Resistance Radio - Government Tomfoolery

@Mrfrancis89 and MarkAlain talk about the practice of "Astroturfing" public comment processes, affordable housing and the need for "Inclusionary Zoning," an update on the Louisiana budget crisis, and more on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio!

Make sure you tune in next week, too. We're excited to have New Orleans' new District 93 Representative Royce Duplessis join us to wrap-up our coverage of the legislative session and talk to us about his experiences so far as a first-time legislator.

Originally aired 6/4/2018.

Resistance Radio - Food Oppression

This week we are so excited for the beginning of our partnership with WBOK! You can now hear Kenny and MarkAlain every Monday from 6-7pm on both WHIV - 102.3 FM and WBOK - 1230 AM. True to form, MarkAlain had a technical snafu with this week's recording and first five minutes were cut off, we apologize for that! This week we had Sam Hayman from Top Box Foods to talk about food oppression, how it disproportionately affects communities of color and how you can help fight it in New Orleans. We also discuss the New Orleans City Council's recent vote on short-term rentals and Stacey Abrams' historic primary win in Georgia. As always, we also have your weekly roundup of activism opportunities. All on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 5/28/2018.

Resistance Radio - Power

On today’s show, MarkAlain is flying solo. (Kenny had a situation that prevented him from coming in to today’s show… we will see him next week!) For the first half of the show, we are joined by representatives of the Poor People’s Campaign of Louisiana to talk about the weekly actions that have been ongoing for the past week and will continue to do so for the next four weeks. The second half of show, we have on Ms. Fox Rich to talk about her compelling story as it relates to the criminal justice system in Louisiana. The show ends on the various things that brings Ms. Fox hope in life. The music for today's show is Power by Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson.

Originally aired 5/21/2018.

Resistance Radio - This Is America

Kenny and MarkAlain discuss the resurrection of Dr. King's Poor People's Campaign under the leadership of Rev. William Barber 50 years later, the impact of Childish Gambino's powerful piece "This is America," the murder of Keveen Robinson at the hands of the Jefferson Parish police offers, and the massacre of Palestinian protesters in the backdrop of the opening of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem. We also have your weekly update of activism opportunities in the city and more in a packed week on #ResistanceRadio.

Originally aired 5/14/2018.

Resistance Radio - Unity

This week on #ResistanceRadio, Martha Kegel from Unity New Orleans joined us to talk about their recent report on homelessness in the city. Step Up Louisiana co-founder Maria Harmon stopped by to talk about their 3-point plan for improving equity in New Orleans, and we also have a final update on the Sunyard Project.

Originally aired 5/7/2018.

Resistance Radio - Gerrymandering

On this week's episode, Fair Districts Louisiana stops by to talk about gerrymandering, the upcoming redistricting process, why it's so important, and what you can do to get involved. Also, we have your weekly activism opportunities and an update on the Sunyard project. All that and more on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 4/23/2018.

Resistance Radio - The Prosperity Index

This week Lamar Gardere from the Data Center talks about the recently released Prosperity Index which examines the progress (or lack thereof) the city has made towards closing gaps of inequality. Meghan Kiefer also joins us to talk about the proposed Bywater Sunyard Project and its upcoming vote from the City Council. MarkAlain is off on an Icelandic adventure this week, so Kenny is rolling solo. Will he crash and burn? Or will it be the best episode yet? Find out this week on #ResistanceRadio.

Originally aired 4/16/2018.

Resistance Radio - Operation Imperialism

On this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio, Michelle Ernberg from LIFT Louisiana stops by to talk about the Justice for Louisiana Women, a legislative day of advocacy happening Wednesday, April 11. We also had a visit from members of the newly formed anti-war advocacy group SWARM (Students and Workers against Racism and Militarization) to talk about their upcoming anti-war demonstration, the longstanding U.S. policy of imperialistic intervention in the Middle East and the current crises in Palestine and Syria.

Originally aired 4/9/2018.

Resistance Radio - The Passover Massacre

In a packed episode of #ResistanceRadio, Kenny and MarkAlain reflect on the 50th anniversary of MLK's assassination, discuss the Passover day massacre of peaceful Palestinian protesters by Israeli Military forces, and the lack of media coverage. They also interview Jim Francis, the candidate challenging House majority whip Steve Scalise for his 1st Congressional district seat. As always, they have your weekly round-up of activism opportunities.

Originally aired 4/2/2018.

Resistance Radio - That Damn Pesky Data

Kenny and MarkAlain recap the March 24th election results and the New Orleans City Council votes on the proposed ABO ordinance and strip club cap. They also breakdown key bills filed, the legislators who filed them in the current Louisiana Legislative session and how you can make your voice heard. All on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio!

Originally aired 3/26/2018.

Resistance Radio - Where's Our Power?

On this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio Kenny and MarkAlain interview Forrest Bradley Wright from the Alliance for Affordable Energy about the recent city council vote to approve the proposed Michoud gas plant, the dangers of a utility monopoly, the effects it will have on a historically marginalized community and the pocketbooks of the citizens of New Orleans. As always, they also have your weekly rundown of activism in a packed week!

Originally aired 3/19/2018.

Resistance Radio - Same Ol' Mistakes

Kenny and MarkAlain lament our elected officials consistently making the same ol' mistakes as they recap the disastrous LA Special Legislative Session, preview the impending Regular Legislative Session, the New Orleans City Council's vote on the Michoud Power Plant and more on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio.

Resistance Radio - Interview with Candidate Eldon Anderson/Predictive Policing

In this week's episode of Resistance Radio, Kenny and MarkAlain interview Eldon Anderson, one of the candidates running to replace Helena Moreno in the Louisiana House of Representatives. They also discuss the City of New Orleans' secret partnership with Palantir Technologies and its predictive policing program. As always, they also give you your weekly update on local activism opportunities.

Originally aired 3/5/2018